"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

- Cinderella

If sleeping a full night sounds like a dream to you, I can help make your wishes a reality. The fact is, nearly all healthy children 3 months and older are physically capable of sleeping through the night without waking. Dreams do come true!
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Tiny Dreams

0 - 3 Months
Get off to a great start with your "newbie"

Sweet Dreams

4 - 18 Months
Extend daytime naps, dream sweetly at night

Big Dreams

18 Months +
Ensure they dream all night in their own bed

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About Me

Lover of travel, awkward dancer, and purveyor of sleepiness, Lynda Ravlich is the founder of Dream Baby Consulting. Lynda started off in the health business as a registered nurse several years ago where she learned that her skills and compassion for others can help them through their most troubling times. The next step in her career was as a health care advocate working for a couple of big-time pharmaceutical companies. While there, she was given the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and learned how her skillset and training could once again assist people with their health care needs. After suffering through some serious sleep deprivation with her own baby, Lynda thought that nobody with a child should ever have a sleepless night again. Lynda is now a certified Sleep Sense Consultant, and member of the Canadian Sleep Society. She uses this training, along with her natural compassion to help people gain their health and sanity back (and maybe a marriage or two!) Feel free to connect with Lynda, she is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

My Method

My method is research based, gentle, effective and specific to you and your family.
The model is illustrated below, and is based on the following principles:

  • A great process equals great results
  • Take action, and correct the root cause of the problem
  • Work as a team, everyone has a part to play in your child's success

Success Stories

This Could Be You!
Lindsay H

"When I first heard about Lynda from my friend I was skeptical but was so desperate for help I reached out. From the minutes I first emailed Lynda I felt extremely supported and cared for. Our first conversation was so helpful, she was really well informed but more importantly so genuine and empathetic. She validated all my concerns, my main one being that I didn't want to emotionally hurt my daughter by implementing a plan where I had to leave her for short periods of time - she helped me understand that learning to sleep is essential to her well being and that her tears were protest cries...she continued to support me as I struggled to wrap my head around this.

Thankfully within the first night there was so much progress made that I was an instant believer. Lynda talked me through every step of it and was always available if I had any questions or concerns. The daily check-ins helped so much to keep my momentum up.

Within ten days my 3.5 year old daughter was sleeping through the night! She had never been a good sleeper and all previously attempts were futile. It's been about 2 months since finishing the plan and I am so pleased to say my little one is a changed girl, she continues to sleep through the night consistently, even in new environments and her mood (and mine!) is SO much better now that we aren't sleep deprived. I owe this to Lynda's support and would recommend her to anyone struggling with a non-sleeping child"

Lies & Tim T

We always thought our boys (2 1/2 yrs and 6 months) slept fine; some night wakings, some difficult bedtimes, some missed naps, no major issues, we just accepted as it was, figuring eventually it would just get better. Unfortunately for us, it never seemed to get better and we just got more tired. When we hear about sleep training with a consultant, we thought "what do we have to lose, all we can gain is more sleep."

Lynda's firm but supportive approach is amazing and gets results. The process is demanding but is well worth the time and effort, once it's mastered it works like magic. Lynda is your guide, always being understanding, pushing you up the hill and letting you enjoy the glory once you reach the top.

Now bedtimes and nights are a breeze, my boys go down and stay down until morning.  No more night wakings, no more difficult bedtimes, they know what is expected of them and how to sleep. It is such a difference and makes life so much more enjoyable.

Chandra C

I was pretty surprised to find that after 4 months with my baby I still had really no clue how to help her nap. Not only that, I was waking up 8-12 times per night to put her soother back in when it fell out. I was very ready to sleep train!

After two weeks of dedicated work with Lynda later my little one is sleeping 12 hours at night without a feed and napping with the precision of a Swiss train. My husband and I feel so so much better and agree that this service was well worth it.

Julie O

Lynda is so amazing and kind – she really cares about you and your baby’s sleep deprivation! She was the second sleep consultant I had tried for my son as we were not successful with the first consultant. She was very understanding and supportive for me as my 12 month old was not sleeping through the night and hadn’t been almost since he was born. I was exhausted beyond belief and Lynda seemed to be the magic we needed. I was so concerned about how my son would react to another sleep consultant’s training and Lynda addressed all of my concerns before we started.

By following all of her rules and guidelines our son slept through the night the first night and has done so for almost 3 months now! I feel more human and my son I know is better for it now that he can put himself to sleep with no crying!! It’s amazing!! I would recommend Lynda 100% to help you with your child! Miracles really do exist! Thanks so much Lynda

Beatrix H

Working with Lynda changed our lives so much, we couldn't believe it. Our daughter was 4 months old and she was waking every hour at night, couldn't fall back asleep without nursing and I was so exhausted. I started to regret spending time with her during the day and dreaded every night, and I just felt so incredibly guilty. I felt like I was failing as a mom.

I thought we had an established routine, but when Lynda assessed our situation she pointed out some major mistakes and addressed them right away. She recommended to change our daytime routine and my daughter slept 8 hours on the first night and 12 on the second night. When we finished our 2-week program, our daughter took 2-hour naps easy and went down at night happily, slept 12-14 hours at night uninterrupted. Lynda was there to answer any concerns of ours at any time.

Ultimately, my husband and I got our evenings back, our daughter is happy and rested, we can travel with her, she sleeps great everywhere. And so can I.

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