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Success Stories - Dream Baby Consulting

Experiences from formerly struggling parents.

My husband and I are so happy to work with Lynda. Our first conversation with Lynda, we felt she could help us understand Andi more and get her on track. At this time Andi was, 6 months old, had a soother and is exclusively breast fed. We didn’t think Andi was a horrible sleeper, but we were lacking constancy. Some of the things we would deal with were her waking multiple times during the night and most of the time I was feeding her, because I thought that’s what she wanted, it would put her back to sleep. The days that her and I wouldn’t get a good rest, I would bring her to my bed and sleep in. Our schedule wasn’t very consistent, so it was difficult to plan our day.

Because Lynda lives in Calgary and we are located in Medicine Hat, I thought this may be a hindrance on the process, but it went really well. Lynda talked with us to find out our issues and concerns with Andi and the next day had a detailed plan to follow. Throughout the process, we had phone conversations, we provided daily reports and Lynda gave us daily responses. She was very accommodating and we were able to call her if we required an answer right away. From how things are today to when we first started, I wouldn’t have hesitated to do this. We found Lynda to be very positive and encouraging. She would remind us what we were trying to achieve and how this would help Andi with growth, development and how important routine is for a baby. I would be lying if I said “It was easy!” We wanted to quit after the first night. It was a difficult process but very rewarding in the end for Andi and ourselves.

Now, she sleeps from 7pm till 7am with little wake ups, if she does she goes back to sleep. I don’t feed her at night anymore and she doesn’t need her soother at night to sleep. The process got my husband a little more involved and now we are on the same page of when she naps and when bedtime is. I also have these tools for when we have a second child. If you don’t follow the plan it would be very difficult to get a good result. I would recommend Lynda with “Dream Baby” to all of my friends with children of any age that are having troubles.

Jason, Heather & Andi T. Medicine Hat, AB

My whole family was exhausted!! I had a 4 month old who would rarely nap during the day and woke up every two hours all night. I had heard of 4 month sleep regression and chalked it up to that. As I waited for it to end I went through the same thing all day and all night for weeks with no end in sight. When I heard of sleep training through a friend who had done it, I was on board immediately and phoned Lynda the next day.

After talking to Lynda I realized I had a laundry list of problems and most I didn’t even realize were problems. With that I was given guidance, support and a plan. Within 5 days my 4 month old had learnt how to enter sleep cycles on his own, nap during the day, overcome dependence on props to sleep and how to self sooth himself back to sleep.

Now my son is 7 months old and on average he wakes up at 6:00am, has two two hour naps a day and sleeps through an 11 hour night. I recommend Lynda and sleep training to my friends with kids and who are pregnant. Getting a sleep coach has changed my family’s life and I am forever grateful that I was at the right place at the right time to learn about sleep training. Thank you Dream Baby!!!!

Candice G

We always thought our boys (2 1/2 yrs and 6 months) slept fine; some night wakings, some difficult bedtimes, some missed naps, no major issues, we just accepted as it was, figuring eventually it would just get better. Unfortunately for us, it never seemed to get better and we just got more tired. When we hear about sleep training with a consultant, we thought “what do we have to lose, all we can gain is more sleep.”

Lynda’s firm but supportive approach is amazing and gets results. The process is demanding but is well worth the time and effort, once it’s mastered it works like magic. Lynda is your guide, always being understanding, pushing you up the hill and letting you enjoy the glory once you reach the top.

Now bedtimes and nights are a breeze, my boys go down and stay down until morning. No more night wakings, no more difficult bedtimes, they know what is expected of them and how to sleep. It is such a difference and makes life so much more enjoyable.

Lies & Tim T

“When I first heard about Lynda from my friend I was skeptical but was so desperate for help I reached out. From the minutes I first emailed Lynda I felt extremely supported and cared for. Our first conversation was so helpful, she was really well informed but more importantly so genuine and empathetic. She validated all my concerns, my main one being that I didn’t want to emotionally hurt my daughter by implementing a plan where I had to leave her for short periods of time – she helped me understand that learning to sleep is essential to her well being and that her tears were protest cries…she continued to support me as I struggled to wrap my head around this.

Thankfully within the first night there was so much progress made that I was an instant believer. Lynda talked me through every step of it and was always available if I had any questions or concerns. The daily check-ins helped so much to keep my momentum up.

Within ten days my 3.5 year old daughter was sleeping through the night! She had never been a good sleeper and all previously attempts were futile. It’s been about 2 months since finishing the plan and I am so pleased to say my little one is a changed girl, she continues to sleep through the night consistently, even in new environments and her mood (and mine!) is SO much better now that we aren’t sleep deprived. I owe this to Lynda’s support and would recommend her to anyone struggling with a non-sleeping child”

Lindsay H